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Insurance Agents

Send your message to 1500 potential T65 clients, P&C, Health, Disability, Business Insurance clients and get a flood of incoming phone calls. Target the geographical and socioeconomic criteria you need and get call backs from the specific audience for your most profitable products.

Mortgage Brokers

We'll consult with you about your clientele, then create a laser targeted  list of 1500 potential clients and drop your message directly into their voicemail and drive phone calls to you. No more buying shared leads, making cold calls, or relying solely on real estate agents to refer clients.

Real Estate Agents/Investors

We can deliver your message to up to 6500 potential First Time Home Buyers or For Sale By Owners. You can be receiving calls from hot prospects every day for you and your investor clients. Announce open houses to up to 6500 potential home buyers and get your listings sold fast. 

Automobile Dealerships

All owners, GM’s, and GSM’s need to take a hard look at this service. Your BDC and sales people will be busy with UPs all week and sales will soar when you send your message to 6500 previous buyers during your car or truck "Buy Back" campaigns. 

Community Organizations

Announce meetings important to the communities you serve. Send messages to residents or business owners in particular zip codes, area codes, or to certain age groups, and income levels. Get the word out and get more community involvement.


Let 6500 potential dental patients know about that Dental Implant special, or Teeth Cleaning offer and fill your calendar months in advance. Open that second office and hire more staff to handle the flood of incoming calls and patient scheduling.

Comprehensive Service Packages Include:

  • Up to 10,000 delivered messages per agent, per month (varies by package)
  • Call tracking - see who called you back and when.  Listen to your conversations!
  • Optional CRM / email service to increase conversion in excess of 50% over normal phone-only interactions
  • Optional delivery of the full list to you for alternative marketing use
  • Call tracking and reporting to track response rate per script
  • Unlimited targeted contact lists creation per month (varies by package)
  • We coach you and your staff how to maximize these calls
  • Optional Script Split testing to find your perfect script
  • Professional Voice Artist to record your scripts
  • No bots. We drop actual voice message recordings
  • We are one of the few that deliver messages to land lines.  (many only deliver to cell phones)
  • We are FTC compliant
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